This Agency Saved Data and Reduced Costs by Modernizing its Storage

This blog post is an excerpt from our new report, A Cost-Effective Approach for Managing Data in Government, download the full report here.

Data management is one of the biggest challenges agencies face. Below we take a look at a particular agency that wanted to reduce its reliance on tape storage.

Among the challenges the agency faced in a tape-heavy environment was the amount of manual intervention required to restore backup files and data. Managing tape across both production and non-production environments was very time consuming. Specifically, restoring files took up to a week and involved having to send someone onsite to retrieve the tape.

Recent tape drive outages left the agency unable to restore valuable data, including financial data, resulting in revenue loss. Meanwhile, the data storage solution it had was not integrated and did not comply with government requirements.

The agency turned to Veritas and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for an integrated Long- Term Data Retention (LTR) solution to help transition from legacy tape to tapeless backup. The organization started using Amazon Simple Storage Service Glacier, a secure, durable and extremely low-cost cloud storage service for archiving and backing up infrequently used data, or cold data. With Veritas NetBackup, agencies can create a server with Glacier storage capabilities.

Addressing the storage issues included backing up Oracle databases, VMware, Microsoft SQL, Exchange and user data to two NetBackup Appliances for short-term to mid-term retention. The next-generation data protection solution the agency has in place will reduce costs, optimize storage and improve application performance and business agility to respond to different demands.

Veritas, in partnership with ThunderCat Technology, understands that smart data management is no longer optional for federal agencies. Agencies need to gain control over their sprawling data estates and do so in a way that is streamlined, automated, comprehensive and highly secure.

Solutions such as Veritas Access and NetBackup can help agencies implement a modernized long- term retention strategy that takes advantage of cloud to provide storage flexibility and manage data retention costs.

NetBackup seeks to reduce that complexity and make data protection as manageable as possible for agencies’ limited staffs. NetBackup is a single solution for the entire enterprise, available on a converged platform and developed to require minimal administration in even the largest, most dynamic environments.

Veritas NetBackup is part of an integrated solution that offers worry-free data governance and management, including for high-capacity workloads like long-term retention, tape replacement and backup archiving.

To learn more about ways to manage disparate data, download our full report here.

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