Supporters Rock-HP Announces Most Affordable Business Netbook

Business netbooks have become a growing trend during the economic recession because many firms are looking for cheaper alternatives to traditional business laptops. Business netbooks are less expensive and are being built with bells and whistles that are of value to users.

On Monday, HP launched the Mini 1103, a business notebook that is a more affordable version of the highly rated HP Mini 5103. At $299, the 1103’s price that can’t be beat, and while some of the fancier aspects of the Mini 5103 are lost.
Regardless, the Mini 1103 is a useful and affordable netbook choice for any business user on a tighter budget.

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Christina Morrison

I’m happy to hear you are loving the new mini from HP. I’m a big fan of the mini too! It fits perfect in my purse and can do more than my smartphone.