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Reason No. 3 for “bite-sized” government: Do your government employees know where taxes and fees go?

Where does the money for vehicle registration and title go? This was the question I asked the tag clerk Tuesday while scribbling a $600-plus check. What did I get? A blank stare. So I guessed … “Does it go toward road maintenance, bridge repair, etc.?” Other employees began to chime in. Some guessed it wentRead… Read more »

Reason No. 2 for “bite-sized” government: Reach out and touch someone.

The earliest scholars of public administration often struggled with the exact definition of bureaucracy. Is it the invisible fourth branch of government? Do bureaucrats derive their power politically or managerially? I believe bureaucracy is best defined when we reach to the constitutional undertones and examine government “by the people, for the people.” How do practitionersRead… Read more »