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Govloop Bracket Winners and National Championship Pick (Men’s NCAA Division One Basketball Finals) from the @hokieguru, your bureacrat on sports!!

Good morning, Govloopers… here’s your daily government shutdown update… looks like it’s going to be touch and go. I think we will make it, though, and the government should operate until the end of Fiscal Year 2011. The next battles will be the Fiscal 2012 appropriations process, a vote to extend the budget debt ceiling,Read… Read more »

Movie of the Week, The Final Four, The Frozen Four… all from the Hokie Guru, Govloop’s Bureaucratic Eye on Sports and Entertainment

Movie of the Week See this movie… now!! Hot Tub Time Machine is the Hokie Guru’s favorite movie of the spring and maybe the summer. Hola!! Good morning… what a glorious day in the Washington metro area 🙂 We’re getting close to the end of the Govloop Bracket Challenge. Going into the last weekend ofRead… Read more »