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Wisconsin redux: Indiana edges closer to right-to-work

Indiana is on the verge of stripping union rights and becoming a right-to-work state. The Republican-controlled House passed a bill on Wednesday that would ban unions from collecting mandatory fees from workers. The bill follows similar measures in other states like Wisconsin, which have drawn mass protests. The bill now goes to the Senate whereRead… Read more »

Getting Everyone On Board the Compliance Train!

This is an Unclaimed Property FAQ written by Unclaimed Property Unit Manager Mary Celentani on our blog, One of the Treasurer’s responsibilities is to ensure that all Wisconsin businesses are in compliance with the unclaimed property law and reporting requirements. Unfortunately, many corporate entities and sole proprietors are not aware of the reporting requirementsRead… Read more »

Giving Back to Wisconsin Veterans and Seniors

To read this blog and more, visit our blog at The Wisconsin State Treasury and the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) are teaming up to help veterans claim money they may have lost or forgotten. The agreement between myself and WDVA Secretary John Scocos permits the Unclaimed Property Unit in the State TreasuryRead… Read more »

The Six-Pack – Week Five College Football – from Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports, the Hokie Guru

Congratulations to my friend, Govloop (Steve Ressler) on his upcoming marriage. Very happy for him and his fiance’. Let’s start this Thursday with something from Aaliyah: <span class=”font-size-5″>&lt;br/&gt;</span> Good morning… it’s been a while since the Hokie Guru has posted on college football here at Govloop. It seems like the college football season just startedRead… Read more »

Tales from the Road: Gov’t in Turmoil Across Three States

Last week on vacation, I traveled across three states before spending time with friends and family on a lake in Michigan. While the great majority of my time, of course, was spent kayaking, canoeing, swimming, sightseeing, and eating much more than I should have, it was still hard to avoid the way residents of eachRead… Read more »

2010-2011 College Football Bowl Pick’em (and Preview) Only on Govloop from your bureaucrat on sports, the Hokie Guru

Happy Holidays It’s the time of year again. Hope all you folks had a Happy Thanksgiving. The holiday season is right around the corner. Please remember to donate to the Combined Federal Campaign. You can found out more about the mission of the campaign here. Play Govloop’s Bowl Pick’em Here’s the deal… you know theRead… Read more »

Week 5 College Football Viewer’s Guide – from the Hokie Guru, Your Bureaucrat on Sports (only on GovLoop)

Happy Friday!! And yes, the federal government is still open… we’re on a continuing resolution. Be ready for an epic blog post. Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Bowls Meet Al Capone? Most of us feel bad for the little guy, Boise State. Fact is, they are one of the best teams in the country and deserveRead… Read more »