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Movie of the Week

See this movie… now!!

Hot Tub Time Machine is the Hokie Guru’s favorite movie of the spring and maybe the summer.


Good morning… what a glorious day in the Washington metro area 🙂

We’re getting close to the end of the Govloop Bracket Challenge. Going into the last weekend of the contest, the Hokie Guru really likes Kumar’s chances to win the contest (bracket name = This is SPARTA). Dave’s Mess is the current #1, This is SPARTA is #2, and ClaudSquad is #67. Let’s take a look at what is coming up later today.

Final Four

It what is the most is one of the most unlikely Final Fours (e.g. the Men’s NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournament Semifinals), we have two great games today in Indianapolis, IN. In the first matchup at 6:07 PM EST, we have a pairing of a couple of five seeds… the Michigan State University Spartans and hometown favorite, and the Butler University Bulldogs. Both teams play OUTSTANDING team defense. Yes, the Hokie Guru loves a Cinderella story… would love to see Butler win in front of the hometown fans… but he’ll take Sparty to win the first game. In the night cap at 8:47 PM EST, the West Virginia University Mountainneers (a very strange custom in Morgantown, WV… burnging sofas after a win) take on the Duke University Blue Devils. Again, both teams play outstanding team defense. Something tells the Hokie Guru that Dook will win this game… because when most team play the Devils, it’s generally an 8 on 5 matchup… when you play Dook, you play against their five players, two refs, CBS, etc. So if West Virginia wins, consider it a major upset because they have a lotta obstacles lol 🙂 At the end of the day, the Hokie Guru is with Dick Vitale… he wants Butler to win in Indy… for the State of Indiana 🙂

Frozen Four

The Frozen Four (e.g. the Men’s NCAA Division 1 Ice Hockey Semifinals) is next week in Detroit, MI. While #1 seeds Miami, Wisconsin, and Boston College were expected to get to Detroit (and yes, the Hokie Guru did think that the NCAA wanted Michigan to defeat Miami… so that the Wolverines would fill the seats in Detroit… conspiracy theory avoided lol), the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Tigers were not… RIT(where quant jocks go to school) had an amazing run in the NCAA playoffs… first, the Tigers upset #1 East Regional seed Denver… and the defeated Hockey East mainstay, New Hampshire. So, let’s take a look at the Frozen Four bracket (both semifinals are on April 8, 2010)… the Hokie Guru still is not buying on RIT… and will take Whiskey to win that game… the second game, however, is much more intriguing… #1 Miami (the tourney’s top overall seed), will be taking on #3 Boston College (and the tourney’s 4th #1 seed)… we’re talking about a matchup here huge physical size (Miami) vs. pure speed (Boston College)… the Hokie Guru is rooting for Govloop’s Redhawks (Note: Their coach signed a new deal), but thinks that speed will beat size on most days… and will take Boston College to win this game… in the final, the Hokie Guru will take Wisconsin to beat Boston College… showing that the Western Collegiate Hockey Association reigns supreme once again.

And that’s a wrap folks… oh… and the Washington Nationals open on Monday, April 5 🙂

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