Govloop Bracket Winners and National Championship Pick (Men’s NCAA Division One Basketball Finals) from the @hokieguru, your bureacrat on sports!!

Good morning, Govloopers… here’s your daily government shutdown update… looks like it’s going to be touch and go. I think we will make it, though, and the government should operate until the end of Fiscal Year 2011. The next battles will be the Fiscal 2012 appropriations process, a vote to extend the budget debt ceiling, and entitlement reform. I’m hopeful that 2012 might be a productive legislative session even though it is an election year.

Govloop Bracket Contest

And the winner of the national championship is….

Ohio State… at least according to @HokieGuru’s 1929 Bracket Crash… haha… you can see the standings for the Govloop bracket contest here… congratulations to @HokieHuddle (1st), @RL_Bynum (2nd) – both had UConn winning the entire thing – and @BYU_Blue_Zone (3rd).

National Championship Pick

So this has to be the most interesting Final Four I’ve seen in years… we have a 9th place Big East team in the UConn Huskies facing the Butler Bulldogs (and I’m not calling them a mid-major because this the second year in a row that the Bulldogs have been to the Final). The Men’s NCAA tournament has never been about conference strength… it’s about what brackets your team is paired up in… and match ups… anyone who tells you anything different is fooling themselves.

Make no mistake… I agree with this post 100%… the NCAA needs Butler to win this game… seriously… and I am rooting for the Bulldogs to win (I am throwing out my analyst hat and wearing the fan hat)!! I think we’re going to have a team from the non-big six conferences (e.g. Big 10, ACC, Big East, Pac 12, Big 12, SEC) win a national championship in men’s hoops… and it’s been several years since this has happened… UNLV comes to mind.

I expect a close game all the way (and Kemba Walker will try and carry UConn to the title)… UConn is favored by 4 points, but the majority of the money is being wagered on Butler.


The Pick: Butler wins by the score of 65-59.

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