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What You Need to Know About the Possible Government Shutdown

The U.S. federal government is mired in political budget wranglings that may result in another government shutdown. If this seems all-too familiar, that’d be the painful memories of the last government shutdown in 2013. But, the federal government can’t stop completely. And, even though the possible government shutdown is just a couple of days away, it’s far from certain that it willRead… Read more »

The present (U.S. 2011) military actions in Libya, and other U.S. ‘interests’ generally throughout North Africa reminded me of my own work as a USAF civil service employee during 1954-56 at Nouasseur Air Base, located about 20 miles south of Casablanca, in what was (then) French Morocco. My job was planner at the Nouasseur AirRead… Read more »