The present (U.S. 2011) military actions in Libya, and other U.S. ‘interests’ generally throughout North Africa reminded me of my own work as a USAF civil service employee during 1954-56 at Nouasseur Air Base, located about 20 miles south of Casablanca, in what was (then) French Morocco. My job was planner at the Nouasseur Air Depot, one of 3 major AMFEA (Air Materiel Force European Area) depots that would support USAF (NATO?) in the event of a general war with the USSR.

One of my projects was to prepare an element of U S Air Force Europe (USAFE) logistics plans to support the U S Strategic Air Command (SAC). The plan would organize, staff, equip, transport, test and evaluate, and in the event of war, activate and deploy Mobile Maintenance Teams consisting of U S civil service volunteer technicians. The teams would provide on-site emergency repairs sufficient for US (? NATO) combat-damaged) aircraft forced to land in Middle East/North Africa to continue west on return flights from missions.

My blog on this project is at:

Cold War Planning/1954 (Nouasseur AB,Morocco) I will try to answer questions on this project insofar as I can recollect.

‘Cold War Planning/1954 (Nouasseur AB,Morocco)’

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