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Why Network Visibility Is Key to Business Continuity

When the COVID-19 crisis forced many federal employees to start working from home, agency IT leaders found themselves in a new environment — employee living rooms. They quickly realized that while their business continuity plans address key issues around connectivity, security at this scale has proven to be something of an afterthought.

Continuous Monitoring Must Include Continuous Sharing

It’s hard to manage what you don’t measure. We’ve all heard the saying in various contexts, but this is especially true on the cyber front. In fiscal 2014, agencies reported spending $3.8 billion to monitor federal networks for internal and external malicious cyber activity and another $3.1 billion to detect, analyze and mitigate intrusions, accordingRead… Read more »

External Hacking a Top Cybersecurity Concern — But Your People Pose a Problem, Too

When it comes to cybersecurity, knowing where your threats are coming from is key. Turns out, more than half of IT government pros said they think the threats are coming from the outside. External hacking is the top cybersecurity threat plaguing federal agencies, according to a new poll of over 200 IT security professionals conductedRead… Read more »