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Finding Efficiency with Data Center Consolidation

This post is part of GovLoop’s ongoing blog series around one of our latest resources, Navigating the Digital Government Roadmap. In the guide, the most pressing technology trends are identified. The guide is intended to provide a broad spectrum of government technology. Our blog series will dive deeper into each section, so be sure toRead… Read more »

The Art of Map Making – How Great Maps Tell Compelling Stories

I recently read a blog post by Bern Szukalski, There’s Something about a Map, on the ESRI blog, Bern states, “There’s something about a good map. It’s hard for me to describe exactly what that something is, but like many of us involved with GIS and geographic information, I’ve always been drawn to and fascinatedRead… Read more »

Sunlight Foundation’s 33 Recommendations for Open Data Policies

This morning I was reading a recent blog post by Laurenellen McCann, Open Data Policy Guidelines, from the Sunlight Foundation. I found the blog post fascinating, and believed this would be a great resource for the GovLoop community to check out, especially if you are involved in Gov 2.0 or open data initiatives within yourRead… Read more »

Using Business Intelligence Tools to Improve School Districts

Improving America’s public education system has been at the forefront of policy debate for years. At the core of the debate often is how to best measure performance of teachers and school districts. With the help of Oracle, the Upstate New York School District of Rochester has recently implemented business intelligence tools to track studentRead… Read more »

Transitioning to IPv6 – Are You Ready?

A press release on Cisco’s website identifies that top websites, internet service providers and networking manufacturers have all committed to permanently enable IPv6 for their products by June 6, 2012. The event has been organized by Internet Society, the mission of Internet Society is to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the InternetRead… Read more »

Managing the Mobile Workforce: It’s all about grapes, cucumbers, monkeys and rocks

One of the trends in government is mobility and allowing employees to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. Although having a mobile workforce has many benefits, there are also numerous related challenges. One of the challenges is the need for improved management of mobile employees. Mobile employees are not necessarily always a teleworker, someRead… Read more »

Top 5 Skills Needed to Advance Your Career

With the Baby Boomers exiting the workforce, the next generation of the workforce is preparing to take on more leadership roles. Entering leadership roles means new responsibilities will emerge for employees. I’ve identified five core skills needed for future leaders, and skills that will be needed to advance your career. I’ve listed my five skillsRead… Read more »

GIS – Not Just for Programmers or Tech Savvy

Everyday there seems to be a new technology and new service that is being tested out. Many times, they involve geo-locational services as well, and running behind the scenes and helping to power the technology is Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS is not just for programmers or coders, there are dozens of applications of GISRead… Read more »

Cybersecurity: How Do You Build Trust Within Your Network?

Today I read an interesting white paper from Cisco, Cybersecurity: Build Trust, Visibility, and Resilience. The paper focused on security issues across the internet, and what government leaders and IT staff need to know to keep systems safe. The report focused on five areas: Understanding the proliferation of risks Achieving a trusted network Creating networkRead… Read more »