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5 Strategic Considerations for Successful IT Modernization in Your Agency’s Enterprise

Regardless of which role you play, the IT infrastructure is a key component in your city and your residents rely on you to protect, maintain, and improve it.


The 4 Components of IT Modernization

Agencies are attempting to modernize their IT infrastructures to better support mission-critical functions. To achieve these missions, agencies need to embrace four key components of IT modernization: cloud computing, shared services, data center consolidation and Agile development.

Follow the New IP Part IV: Putting Control in the Hands of Government

What is the New IP? If you’ve been following my series on Federal Insights, you may know that the New IP is an emerging networking foundation for innovation based on open standards, and a software-defined, highly dynamic and user-centric infrastructure. As we enter a cloud and mobile driven era, IT infrastructure must be modernized toRead… Read more »

Stop Focusing on Vanity Metrics and Optimize the Government’s Data Centers

It has been almost five years since the federal government launched the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI). The initiative called for agencies to reduce the government’s 3,100 data centers by 40 percent. This effort was anticipated to save the federal government as much as $5 billion by 2015. However, instead of moving steadily towards achieving theseRead… Read more »

Does the Gov. Know How Many Data Centers it has? – Plus the DorobekINSIDER’s 7 stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: In order for a project, program, department, agency or the entire government to function properly, you first need trust. But cultivating and growing that trust can be difficult, especially within large organizations. We learn 13 ways to cultivate trust from author Stephen Covey and Tim McManus. The SEVEN stories that impactRead… Read more »

Finding Efficiency with Data Center Consolidation

This post is part of GovLoop’s ongoing blog series around one of our latest resources, Navigating the Digital Government Roadmap. In the guide, the most pressing technology trends are identified. The guide is intended to provide a broad spectrum of government technology. Our blog series will dive deeper into each section, so be sure toRead… Read more »

Government Solutions Forum: Intelligent Automation for the Cloud

Today I will be live blogging at the Cisco Government Solutions Forum. I just attended my third session of the day, titled, the Intelligent Automation for the Cloud, which was part of the Unified Data Center & the Cloud track. Sidney Morgan, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco, gave a remarkable presentation about cloud technology. Data centers haveRead… Read more »

A Blueprint for Data Center Consolidation

This morning I attended the GovLoop Conversation Event sponsored by Oracle: Your Agencies’ Data Center Consolidation Blueprint: Applying Yesterday’s Lessons to Tomorrow’s Success at District Architecture. The event had a great discussion about data center consolidation and some of the challenges facing the federal government. Data center consolidation has turned into one of the hotRead… Read more »