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Look Before You Leap: Tips on Creating a Big Data Plan

Today, there is an unprecedented amount of data being generated from countless sources. Some areas of government are producing one petabyte of data per day. Yes, daily. The ability to store massive amounts of data relatively cheaply permits organizations to ingest this information and extract value and insight previously unimaginable. But before your agency startsRead… Read more »

Why Data is Your Key to Reduce Waste, Fraud and Abuse

In our first chapter of the IBM and GovLoop guide series, we explained how big data has fundamentally changed the way government does business. But for many institutions, understanding the applications of big data is just the start of the analytics journey. In this chapter we dive deeper and focus on how deploying a data-drivenRead… Read more »

An Apple a Day Keeps the Fraudsters Away

This is the third blog post in a three-part series on smarter counter fraud. You can read part one and two here. A quick Google search of the term “healthcare fraud examples” promptly produces a robust list of IRS investigations and public records documenting medical malpractice and deception. For instance, a Louisiana woman submitted falseRead… Read more »