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With the Right Tools, Could You Be a Data Scientist?

The concept of big data is far from new — but it seems to be an especially hot topic lately. Why that is, and how your agency can find the best tools to utilize your data, was the focus of several sponsor presentations at GovLoop’s latest event, The Big Data Playbook training. Tariq Islam of Oracle focusedRead… Read more »

Look Before You Leap: Tips on Creating a Big Data Plan

Today, there is an unprecedented amount of data being generated from countless sources. Some areas of government are producing one petabyte of data per day. Yes, daily. The ability to store massive amounts of data relatively cheaply permits organizations to ingest this information and extract value and insight previously unimaginable. But before your agency startsRead… Read more »

4 Steps to Build Your Big Data Team

At our recent GovLoop event on The Big Data Playbook for Government , we heard from three experts about what it takes to build an effective big data team. Our panelists were: Professor Kirk Borne – Data Scientist and Professor of Astrophysics and Computational Science, George Mason University Lori Walsh – Chief, Center for Risk and Quantitative Analytics, DivisionRead… Read more »