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Outcome-based Strategies for Better Cybersecurity

Phishing attacks, advanced malware, and ransomware are just a few of the types of cyberattacks that government deals with in today’s current cyberthreat landscape. In an attempt to counter such attacks, many agencies focus on tool-based strategies as cyberthreats come. But the problem with such approaches is that agencies are usually ill equipped to apply… Read more »

The Collaborative Future of Federal Cybersecurity

Federal agencies are under increased pressure to effectively secure government IT after a series of headline-making breaches were discovered last year. But in a recent interview, Mark Kneidinger, Director of Federal Network Resilience in the Office of Cybersecurity and Communication at the Department of Homeland Security, said that pressure may be exactly what government needs… Read more »

Effective Cyber Strategies for a New Threat Landscape

In a recent interview, Anthony Lauro, Senior Enterprise Security Architect at Akamai, a content delivery network and cloud computing services provider, shared how organizations can build new, more effective cybersecurity strategies to combat growing threats.

Cook County Takes An Organizational Approach to Cybersecurity

It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago Cook County, Ill., – the second most populous county in the country – had no centralized management strategy or directive for its various agencies’ IT security protocols and tools. Today, the county has both a central security office within its Department of Homeland Security and… Read more »