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Social Media in Times of Emergency

In the month of August, the East Coast was hit with two natural disasters, one foreseen, Hurricane Irene, and one without notice, the August 23rd earthquake. Though one primary form of established media failed—phone service during the earthquake was interrupted for many, if not most—both government agencies and individual citizens used social media to learn… Read more »

Phone Tips & Tricks: All Shook Up? Use Your Phone!

The Phone Tips & Tricks series is supported by the Sprint Federal Employee Discount Program. To find awesome discounts visit theSprint Federal Employee Discount resource center today. This week has been quite crazy weather-wise. Who can forget the moving and shaking we felt on Tuesday afternoon thanks to one big earthquake. With the threat of… Read more »

Impacts of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on Government Contracting

Authored by GovWin’s Sean Tucker The earthquake and tsunami that hit the Northeast coast of Japan on Friday have created a humanitarian crisis of global proportions. It touches everything, including the government contracting industry. U.S. contractors are struggling to contact Japanese employees and partners, and are mobilizing to help in any way they can. Employees,… Read more »