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What’s the Role of the Chief Data Officer?

I recently read through a fascinating discussion on EMC’s Chuck’s Blog: Are Conditions Right For a “Chief Data Officer.” The blog derives quite a bit from an excerpt from a book, The Case for Chief Data Officer. The books authors, Peter Aiken and Michael Gorman, argue that c-level managers must be data savvy, and thatRead… Read more »

40,026 Exabytes of Data by 2020 – Are You Ready? 5 Considerations When Migrating Data

There is no doubt our world is being shaped by data, by 2020 the digital universe is expected to be 40,026 exabytes, or billions of gigabytes, notes a report from IDC, The Digital Universe in 2020: Big Data,Bigger Digital Shadows, and Biggest Growth in the Far East, sponsored by EMC. If you take a lookRead… Read more »

Enabling Government to Do More with Less through Data Infrastructure Technology

Recently I had the chance to speak with Chad Story, Enterprise Storage Business Director at EMC, about the current capabilities of mobile data storage and how this technology can enable agencies to operate more efficiently to carry out mission critical functions. The interview was part of our recent guide, Making Mobile Matter, which explored bestRead… Read more »

Exploring Software-Defined Storage for Organizations

In today’s world, government agencies are collecting data like never before. As agencies continue to be challenged to manage the volume, velocity and variety of data, agencies are looking at new ways to unlock the power of data to transform service delivery and find new business efficiencies. This has led to advances in the wayRead… Read more »