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Geospatial Services = Positive Change

Jack Dangermond believes today’s challenge is geospatially enabling Gov 2.0. Geospatial data uses integrated applications to show information from multiple sources. It allows for improved planning, management, and increased efficiency. Unfortunately, the government hasn’t yet brought the data together into one map. Yet, many agencies see data sharing as part of their mission. For example,Read… Read more »

Intel’s Hero’s on Panel at Gov 2.0 Summit

If you’ve seen those new Intel adds, I’m listening to their heroes: Vinton Cerf, American scientist often called ‘Father of the Internet’; John Markoff, NY Times writer covering Silicon Valley; Jack Dorsey, co-founder and chairman of Twitter; Tim Sparapani – Facebook lead in Washington DC 28-minute panel. Ideas: – Vinton Cerf: o The Internet allowsRead… Read more »

Congress and Social Media

Congressman John Culberson (TX) is passionate about the concept of government as platform, government as an enabler. He dreams of a day when 1 million Americans are talking in real time with their elected officials. Google Wave is trying to achieve this. We’re approaching virtual real-time democracy and hope that citizens help build mechanisms forRead… Read more »

What Does Government 2.0 Mean To You? (Tell us! Call for video response is open!)

Republished from O’Reilly Radar Blog Post by Tim O’Reilly Original post can be found here As many of you know, I’ve built a new conference, Gov 2.0 Summit, around the idea of the government as platform: how can government design programs to be generative, to use Zittrain’s phrase? How do we get beyond the ideaRead… Read more »