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5 Emerging Trends of Social Media in the Public Sector

Throughout the month of December, GovLoop has been reviewing the year in government technology – everything from BYOD to social media, I’ve been working to highlight some case studies, best practices and try and condense the year down into one post, while looking forward to the year 2013. Follow along here by viewing GovLoop’s YearRead… Read more »

What Hurricane Sandy Can Teach Us About Emergency Management

Post Highlights GovDelivery report: Breaking Down Barriers to Effective Emergency Notifications Hurricane Sandy is a reminder of the complexity of disasters Report provides best practices and strategies for emergency management notifications When Hurricane Sandy landed on the east coast, much of the disaster response activities had already been put into play. FEMA had coordinated withRead… Read more »

Digital Government, Innovation & Communications

Post Highlights Panel Discussion: “Digital Government, Innovation, & Communications” Innovation and creativity are essential in the era of doing more with less Internal online forums can help collaboration at all levels Today I attended GovDelivery’s annual federal event, Digital Government: The Transformative Power of Communications. The event focused on how digital government, innovation and communicationsRead… Read more »

Taking Little Bets: Innovation Takes Iterations

Post Highlights Peter Sims gave Keynote at GovDelivery’s Annual Event Innovation takes iterations, we need to take affordable risks, take small bets Failure is OK, as long we are learning Leadership models are changing – and often intersect with emerging technology This morning I attended GovDelivery’s annual event, Digital Government: The Transformative Power of Communications.Read… Read more »

How Does Citizen Engagement Create Value for Government?

GovDelivery recently featured an IDC Report that contains questions posed by GovDelivery to Adelaide O’Brien, Research Director of Smart Government Strategies at IDC Government Insights. I’d encourage you to download the report to check out the full report, which had a lot of interesting information. Below I’ve shared one of the questions posed in theRead… Read more »

Learn How You Can Leverage API’s at Your Agency

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are quickly being used more often in government. API’s, to put it simply, are a set of rules how systems can interact with each other. API’s allow developers access to agencies data, which can be used to make engaging mobile content and innovative uses of data for improved citizen engagement. API’sRead… Read more »

Farm Service Agency Improves Digital Communications Strategy

Moving from paper based communications to digital is never an easy process. With increasing use of the web and the changing norms of how people consume information, a sound digital communications strategy is key to reach stakeholders. Recently, the USDA’s Farm Service Agency has made the switch to provide farmers with more information digitally. ARead… Read more »

Open Government Directive: SBA’s story

In response to the open government directive and plain language initiative, SBA sought to create a two-year plan to increase participation and transparency among its main constituents, small businesses. With the help of GovDelivery Digital Communication Management (DCM), SBA was able to expand its email communication, increase the number of visitors to its website, andRead… Read more »

New Research Survey: Federal Digital Communication Priorities

How can your agency improve its digital communication strategy? Is expanding engagement with external stakeholders your # 1 priority? What is the impact of social media? GovDelivery is conducting a new research study, “Federal Digital Communication Priorities.” The study seeks to identify the top digital communication priorities of the Federal Government sector. Please take aRead… Read more »

The Rise of Social Government – Fels Institute Social Media Report Sneak Peak

This week I had the chance to sit in a 
webinar, The Rise of Social Government, which was presented by the Fels Institute and sponsored by GovDelivery. The webinar previewed a report that will be released shortly on how local governments are using social media. I thought it was a fascinating discussion; the
 slides andRead… Read more »