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The Government’s Hand (and Money) in Social Media

The data is out, government vendors manage to make money helping the government use social media. In fact, one of SmartProcure’s fellow participants in Code for America’s 2013 Accelerator was Archive Social, a fantastic govtech company that helps government agencies archive their social media activity. Here are the results based on the study of governmentRead… Read more »

Government Turns To Entrepreneurs & StartUps For Products/Services

As the U.S. recovers steadily from the most recent recession, confidence in the nation’s economy is growing among small business owners who foresee steady growth in the next few years, as monitored by the database of government contracts. In 2012, 22.25% of federal government contracting dollars went to small business, just short of the annualRead… Read more »

The 2013 GovFresh Awards are in…

2013 results are in, and the company which maintains the database of government contracts wins Civic Startup Of The Year according to GovFresh’s website. Here are the results: 2013 GovFresh Awards The GovFresh Awards honor the greatest civic innovators and innovations of 2013. Winners City of the Year: Buenos Aires, Argentina Small City of theRead… Read more »

Behind the Scenes; Win Over Government Sales

Too many business owners who miss out on this great opportunity because they don’t understand much about what happens behind the scenes in government procurement. Here are a few things that can help businesses owners get behind the curtain to improve their chances of landing government businesses. 1) Find out what government agencies are buying.Read… Read more »

Understanding Government Bid Protests

Bidding on a government contract is usually a long undertaking for most vendors – one that costs several hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in time in resources spent researching, evaluating prospects, writing, and finally submitting a proposal. It’s no wonder, therefore, why receiving news of rejection can be heavily disappointing and can often leadRead… Read more »

Game Changer; Pricing Revealed On Anything Purchased By Government

There are ways to learn who is buying what from whom for how much, when, and where, and this information is now available in just one database, for the public to use. You can now make smarter purchases, or on the flip side, sell more to the government. Here’s an example of just one solutionRead… Read more »

Keeping Up With The Joneses; Government Spending Gone Public

Want to know what your neighbor, or competitor, is up to with government sales in federal, state, and public markets? There are tools out there that can do this, and they are readily available for you. One of these tools is SmartProcure, the database of government spending from local, state, & federal agencies. With thisRead… Read more »

Read This For Your Construction Contract

One of the central goals of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is the appropriation of billions of federal dollars to be used to fund thousands of public construction projects in the U.S. Construction procurement opportunities can be found in one of several places, but the best places to start is to searchRead… Read more »