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NARA CIO on Record Digitization Deadline & Her Long-Term Tenure

Swarnali Haldar, the CIO at the National Archives, breaks down the switch to electronic record-keeping and gives insights into what it means to be CIO.

6 Recommendations for Improving Security Clearance Management

Tim Clark, Government Executive, Charlie Allen, INSA, John Fitzpatrick, National Archives On the whole we’ve slain the dragon of taking months, if not years, to process clearances on the front end. Anecdotally there are still horror stories, but there’s no denying great strides have been made. From an average of 446 days to process initialRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: National Archives Hires “Wikipedian in Residence”

The National Archives is trying to bring more information to the public through their new “Wikipedian in Residence”, 24-year-old Dominic McDevitt-Parks. McDevitt-Parks has been tasked with getting cultural and historical treasures, like a collection of Ansel Adams photographs, on Wikipedia. He explains the idea behind the newly-created position in a recent interview with the WashingtonRead… Read more »