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Getting Rid of Do More With Less – 5 Ways Gov and Tech are Changing the Mold

“Do more with less” is the mantra that government has been singing for years. But now, the “do more with less” refrain has been transformed with technology and automation to “do better with less. “ Business process management and streamlined technologies are changing the landscape so government can actually get more done with fewer resources.Read… Read more »

Setting the Standards – Internet of Things Splashes into Gov

The Internet of Things is slowly making its way into the government space. But what is the Internet of Things exactly and how can the government optimize the technological advances to help the government run more effectively and efficiently? Sokwoo Rhee and Geoff Mulligan are Presidential Innovation Fellows at NIST. As part of their fellowshipRead… Read more »

Gov Ponders The Internet Of Things – Plus The 7 Stories You Need To Know

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: After a rough January, the Thrift Investment Plan’s funds were back in the black for February. In fact, all the retirement funds were up by more than .5%. We get a look at your retirement numbers with the TSP Board’s Kim Weaver. You can find all of our programs online: DorobekINSIDER.comRead… Read more »

Is the Internet of Things a Thing for Gov – Plus the 7 Gov Stories You Need To Know

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: “You’ve been hacked.” That is the line that every person dreads waking up to in their inbox. But securing your identity and your privacy is no easy task. The government has been using identity and access management tools for years, commonly known as IAM. IAM uses a four part verification processRead… Read more »