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Why Security Standards Matter for All Government Devices

In this age of rapid technological innovation, organizations face many obstacles to ensuring cybersecurity. The rise of internet-connected devices is just one thing that’s forced agencies to rethink in 2018 how they secure technologies and their related endpoints that operate on their networks.

Preparing for the Internet of Things

Certain parts of government have been eager adopters of IoT technologies, while others have lagged behind. Some hesitation is certainly warranted, considering the serious security risks these devices pose. But the government has a vital role to play in our IoT society—both in wielding these technologies for the public good and in regulating them against… Read more »

Conversations With Your Building: Using Data Analytics To Improve Operations

Do you know what your building is saying? IBM recently released a report on smarter building management, highlighting the importance of collecting, analyzing, and using the data that buildings provide. The benefits are plentiful: smarter building management can lead to energy conservation, improved efficiency and utilization, and better decision-making in the future. From elevators toRead… Read more »

The Internet of Questions

Have you ever played the 21 Questions Game and sometimes felt like there aren’t enough questions to get the right answer? The Internet of Things (IoT) can have the same affect. IoT is a big technological system that allows machines to talk to other machines. Although, IoT has been around for decades in some form,Read… Read more »

The Future of the Internet of Everything in Government

This interview is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent guide, What the Internet of Things Means for the Public Sector, which explores insights and best practices into how government is using automated machine-to-machine transactions and implementing IoT in the public sector. At its essence, the Internet of Everything (IoE) is the connection of people, processes, data and things overRead… Read more »

Why IoT Is Needed in Gov

(For part one of our conversation with Deloitte, click here!) I used to run competitively in high school – specifically the 4X400 meter relay. The 4×400 is always the last race of the day and if you know anything about the 400 meter dash, you know that there is a strategy behind every move andRead… Read more »