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Planning the Data Center of the Future Requires More than Technology Alone

Agencies today are being asked to do a lot with their data. With information generated by new sources – from social media outlets to mobile devices – agencies must store, monitor, organize, access, and, most importantly, make sense of data in a way that allows them to best serve the American citizenry. The data centerRead… Read more »

Free IT Dollars for Innovation

Over this series of Federal Insights posts, we’ve put together a checklist to help agencies make the shift to the New IP. The New IP represents the networking industry’s recognition that legacy networks, which account for a large part of the federal government’s infrastructure, can limit innovation. The New IP is an emerging networking foundationRead… Read more »

Follow The New IP Part II: Adopting Software-Based IT Infrastructure

In our last post we introduced the concept of the New IP – the software-centric, open IT environment designed to support federal tech priorities like mobility and the cloud. Over a series of Federal Insights posts, we are putting together a checklist to help agencies make the shift to the New IP. Demanding open standards from technologyRead… Read more »

Is Your Agency On The Road To Software-Defined IT?

Cloud, mobility, the Internet of Things – these transformative technologies mandate government agencies rethink their IT strategies. Now, more than ever before, the federal government needs to rapidly deploy innovative capabilities to support a more connected and automated environment. A growing number of connections and a steadily rising influx of data to manage are creatingRead… Read more »