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Obama Administration mandates datacenter consolidation, but that only addresses part of the problem

By Chris Moore and John Emmitt The Obama Administration has mandated datacenter consolidation for government agencies. Vivek Kundra, former Federal CIO, commented last year that in some cases, only 7% of existing Federal government datacenter capacity is currently being utilized. Jeffrey Zients, chief performance officer and deputy director for management at the Office of ManagementRead… Read more »

Australian Public Servants – A license to challenge

Another interesting development here in Australia. OK. There is a lot of conversation about the need for cultural change in the public sector to get the most out of social media and make Gov 2.0 happen. Not to mention the need to make a big shift to get innovation and public sector reform moving. ForRead… Read more »

VistA makes another toehold in the outside world

Some of you already know that VistA adoption has spawned several companies using the open source business model – i.e. take a free product and make money by offering installation, customization and support for the base product. One such player is MedSphere, offering VistA support services. There is another instance of a significant VistA adoptionRead… Read more »