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Ghost Whisperers of Institutional Memory

Ghost Whisperer, iRobot, and many crime shows depend on detective work based on access to other people‚Äôs memories.Young people need expertise that gets them out of their chairs and to step away from their computers. Administrative ghost whisperers, younger staff or not, should seek out older staff. That experience should not be disregarded as a… Read more »

Team Leadership Gets the Job Done

This blog is an excerpt from Kathleen Schafer’s upcoming book Living the Leadership Choice. Join the Leadership Connection community to receive updates and exclusive content. “It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.” – Unknown Making progress toward achieving a goal is an essential component of effectiveRead… Read more »

Admitting the Problem is Only the First Step

The recent New York Times Op-Ed piece, “The Unaddressed Link Between Poverty and Education” laid bare the facts that many of us know all too well, that is, students from disadvantaged households have many more educational challenges that their peers from more socioeconomically affluent households. While economic challenges certainly impact a child’s academic performance, there’sRead… Read more »

How We Live Reflects Who We Are

While my younger and immensely more social media savvy colleague beseeches me to weigh in on trending topics and news stories as soon as possible, I sometimes like to wait a day or two, not only to ruminate on the points made, but also to see how others respond to the information. Not surprisingly, IRead… Read more »