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Chasing Dragons and Dreamers

If you haven’t seen the 2011 documentary Chasing Madoff or read Harry Markopoulos’ book that the film was based on, No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller, you might not appreciate the risks and costs of his whistleblower heroism. Knowing that the dragon was slain and Mr. Markopolos and his family survived – heRead… Read more »

FOI Update : The Pro Disclosure Culture of the Australian Taxation Office

Now how widespread is this issue? This may be regarded by some as one of my more controversial posts. After a lot of thought and conversation I have decided to go ahead and publish this post. I decided to so as I do not believe it is right for public sector agencies to hide informationRead… Read more »

Enabling Open Government

In June, I made a presentation to the Government SIG of the Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network. Sunny Hester, who is the SIG Chair, recently created a Government OD Network group. The topic of my presentation was Enabling Open Government, which covered several topics, including a final section which I hope will generate a conversationRead… Read more »