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Join Me at Open Gov West: Our Model Works Best with 2 or more Opensocial Portals

Join me @OpenGovWest March 26, 27 2010 in Seattle, WA: OpenNASA/OpenXXX, our model works best with 2 portals: My idea for two next-gen portals: Gadgets for Govt Benefits. OpenOPM/OpenNASA: My idea for two opensocial portals: Disaster Recovery use case. OpenDHS/OpenNASA: OpenEPA v2.0 Portal: Earth Apps for “Going Green”: on SteroidsRead… Read more »

OpenNASA v2.0: An OpenSource/OpenSocial portal for the Federal Community Cloud

Here is a link to my slideshare presentation: It would be quite wonderful to partner with other Federal Agencies to build a suite of opensocial portals, i.e., OpenNASA, OpenEPA, OpenDHS, OpenNIH, etc. Come find me on GovLoop if you’re interested in seeing a demo or getting an overview of our work in progress… SeeRead… Read more »