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How Popvox Can Improve National Dialogue

Marci Harris, founder of Popvox, recently spoke at a GovLoop and Esri meetup. Harris said, “We [Popvox] are a neutral, nonpartisan platform for civic engagement and legislative information.” Harris also provide insights to way she founded the company, “The idea of Popvox was to connect the world, advocacy groups, congress and people sharing their ideasRead… Read more »

Keeping Our Hats in Separate Boxes: How We Manage Our Civic, Personal, and Professional Online Lives

Recently, I was in an auditorium waiting for a distinguished lecturer. He came out to a standing ovation, and when everyone was seated, said: “Your applause is humbling; an hour ago my 14-year old daughter told me in no uncertain terms that I was cruel, unreasonable, and didn’t know anything about anything.” A few weeksRead… Read more »