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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Health Insurance Coverage for You

According to recent study, most people spend only 30 minutes considering whether to choose a new plan or re-enroll in their previous plan during open enrollment. It’s in your best interest to spend as much time as necessary to make this decision, as it can greatly impact how much you’ll spend in the coming year… Read more »

FEGLI Clarifications and Coverage Verification

I’ve received many emails over the years from annuitants, spouses of deceased annuitants, and estate executors that weren’t aware of the annuitant’s coverage and/or beneficiaries. A number of annuitants forget what coverage they elected (if any) or who they designated as beneficiary. There are a number of things that you, your spouse, and estate executorRead… Read more »

Health Care Security is a Fundamental Freedom — Part II of III

It is indeed a rare ocassion in Washington when the three branches of our Federal Government can put aside major ideological differences to act in unison for the greater good of the nation. This historic display of leadership has occurred with the enactment of landmark legislation — the Affordable Care Act — providing access toRead… Read more »

Free Webinar – Professional Liability Insurance – Why Do I Need It?

Federal Employee Defense Services (FEDS) is providing a series of 15 minute webinars designed to explain what a professional liability insurance policy provides and how it protects federal employees against professional and financial exposures. These webinars are free and all federal employees are welcome to participate. Question-and-Answer sessions will follow and all webinars will remainRead… Read more »

Exploring the evolution of insurance exchanges: The final installment

Deltek Analyst Amanda White reports. Today marks the final day of Deltek’s health care and social services team’s blog series centered on the recently-released report, “Evolving Health Insurance Exchanges.” The report takes a nationwide dive into implementation processes and state statuses in instituting these novel systems. It also provides high-level advice for government contractors forRead… Read more »