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Preparing Your Job Search Salary Strategy

Patra’s money quote: “Money. Salary. Compensation. All a critical aspect of your job search and yet to many Americans, more difficult to talk about than sex.” What do you need to do to determine your strategy? Learn what you are worth in terms of the job you want. Be clear with hiring managers about yourRead… Read more »

Gimme the $$$ Part 2 – Salary Negotiations

A post from Patra Frame, HR Strategist for ClearedJobs.Net Everyone hopes for the perfect offer – the great job in a wonderful company with super pay and benefits. But often we don’t get there without some negotiating. And since it is something most of us do rarely, we are not sure how to go aboutRead… Read more »

Quick Tip – Sneak a Peak at a Current Fed’s Salary

From Quick Tip – Sneak a Peak at a Current Fed’s Salary You can look up the salary of any employee of a federal agency on the “Gannett Searchable Database” of federal employee salaries at (Note that salaries cited at this site are usually one or two years behind – and so doRead… Read more »

The Basics of Boosting Your Salary Offer

From THE BASICS OF BOOSTING YOUR SALARY OFFER By Lily Whiteman, author of How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job and Federal Times Columnist So you’ve received an offer for a federal job. This means that you probably beat out dozens, or perhaps even hundreds, of competitors to rank as the hiring agency’s numberRead… Read more »