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10 Tips for Women and Negotiation

Several months back I reconnected with a UChicago classmate who is total rock star over in the private sector. Lindsey used to help me survive advanced statistics classes and now she is the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Goldman Sachs Bank USA. When I say Lindsey is a rock star I meanRead… Read more »

Defining & Communicating Expectations: A Critical Component of a Healthy Workplace

I believe the number one cause of conflict in both the workplace and your personal life is unfulfilled expectations. The number one reason for expectations going unfulfilled is – you guessed it – nobody knows what they are. We are diligent in ensuring that a high level of detail, complete with key performance indicators, areRead… Read more »

Mock Negotiations for Contract Specialists

This post was originally published at All Things Sterling on Posterous. One of the best exercises I experienced at CON 120 was mock negotiations. Here are lessons I took away from the exercise. Lessons It’s true — preparation is key to negotiations. Contract type influences your negotiation goal. If fixed-price, focus on the bottom lineRead… Read more »