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How Gov Can Deliver Better Care

According to the Congressional Budget Office, spending on health accounts for nearly 27 percent of the US federal budget. On the state level, a similarly large portion of budgets is dedicated to Medicaid spending. While those staggering numbers highlight a large expense for government, they also represent a large opportunity to cut costs. And accordingRead… Read more »

The End of the One-Size-Fits-All Model

Last month, GovLoop had several posts that showed some of the challenges facing healthcare professionals. One example? Matt Garlipp, our current GovLoop Research Fellow, shared how IBM’s Smarter Care initiative coordinates disparate healthcare systems to create more efficient and less costly outcomes for social programs. Smarter Care comes at a critical time for healthcare professionals.Read… Read more »

How to Enable Holistic Care for Individuals – The Smarter Care Approach

How can agencies enable holistic and individualized care to citizens? This is the crux of the issue for improving social programs in the public sector. In today’s world, there are a variety of issues that come into play when providing social programs to those in need. It’s beyond just looking at lifestyle choices, social determinantsRead… Read more »