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Is Data the Next Natural Resource?

Data is poised to change everything we do. Just as fossil fuels transformed the global economy a century ago, data should be considered the next untapped, raw natural resource. For public agencies, this wealth of information provides enormous opportunities for greater cost efficiency, service delivery effectiveness and connectivity between the centralized operations and the widelyRead… Read more »

What’s the Best Way to Transform and Modernize Cities? The Debate in The Economist

I love debates, whether it is Lincoln vs. Douglas, Biden vs. Ryan, or Harry Potter vs. Twilight*. Listening to experts challenge each other’s views teaches us about a topic and makes us rethink preconceived notions. At the end of a debate you may not have changed your mind. But a good debate, at the veryRead… Read more »

Smarter Cities: How to Transform Social Programs Through Data and Analytics (Recap)

“Analytics allows us to find and pinpoint the proverbial needle in the haystack,” Shelley Mills-Brinkley, Global Business Services Partner and Worldwide Integration Executive for Cúram Software. Through leveraging data and analytics, IBM has created Smarter Care, which connects government, social programs, life sciences, health plans and providers to provide the best care to each citizen.Read… Read more »

Blue CRUSH: Fighting Crime With Predictive Policing

When we think about Memphis, Tennessee, traditionally we think about great music and fantastic barbecue. Now, we can add a third trait, which is an innovative and transformative way to fight crime. Larry Godwin, Director of Police Services, Memphis Police Department, recently was profiled in an IBM Smarter Planet Leadership Series Report, highlighting the “BlueRead… Read more »