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The Power of Predictive Policing in Surf City

When the term ‘predictive policing’ comes up, what movie immediately comes to mind? If you said The Minority Report you aren’t alone. According to Santa Cruz Deputy Chief of Policy Steve Clark, that’s a common reaction. In reality, the technology currently being tested by law enforcement today is just as fascinating as science fiction –Read… Read more »

Leveraging Crime Analytics: Miami-Dade County Blue PALMS Program

This is part 1 of 3 of a blog series, Smarter Cities: Building Safer Communities in the Digital Age. This series explores how analytics has empowered the street level bureaucrat, redefining the way public safety officials keep communities safe. Across the country, public safety organizations have leveraged crime analytics to improve efficiencies, connect workers andRead… Read more »

Blue CRUSH: Fighting Crime With Predictive Policing

When we think about Memphis, Tennessee, traditionally we think about great music and fantastic barbecue. Now, we can add a third trait, which is an innovative and transformative way to fight crime. Larry Godwin, Director of Police Services, Memphis Police Department, recently was profiled in an IBM Smarter Planet Leadership Series Report, highlighting the “BlueRead… Read more »