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The Phone and Work

Back in the old days – the receptionist would tell a visitor: Oh, he’s not busy – he’s on the phone! ‘Doing business’ then was meeting with others, writing correspondence, or compiling proposals and reports. Early on, the phone was more novelty than tool – it was seen by many as personal entertainment with aRead… Read more »

Become a Brilliant Communicator, Part 3 of 5: Transform Your Telephone Calls

Last week, GovLoop and YGL hosted a half day training event for up and coming government leaders, who heard from experts on the topics of career management, leadership, communications, and more. One of the sessions, titled “Become a Brilliant Communicator,” provided tips on communicating via email and telephone, giving and receiving feedback, and holding successfulRead… Read more »

A story of war, loss, and why good data has ALWAYS mattered: how a phone book reunited a family

A story of war, loss–and data: Talking to my 90-year-old father-in-law Joseph today, who survived WWII by fleeing the Nazis invading Poland and ended up as a Soviet soldier driving trucks in Siberia, a far cry from his childhood of daily Hebrew school, doting siblings, and three dogs.. After the war, when Joseph returned toRead… Read more »