Most and Least Sustainable Agencies in Gov

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  1. Government Executive: The Most and Least Sustainable Agencies in Government- “From hiring practices to foreign policy, President Obama repeatedly has said the U.S. government must lead by example. If any issue is the poster child for this mantra, it’s the environment. One of Obama’s earliest executive orders raised the bar for agencies to cut the amount of greenhouse gases they produce and adopt technologies and materials to make federal buildings greener.”

  2. National Journal: McCarthy Memo on September Agenda Omits Ex-Im Bank- “House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy does not make any mention of Congress extending the controversial Export-Import Bank’s charter in a memo Friday to House Republicans titled “Initial September outlook.” Rather, McCarthy focuses on three other items which, he says, members might “wish to factor into your district events” over this summer recess—including a package that deals with the Keystone XL pipeline and other energy matters.”

  3. Nextgov: A Day in the Life of the DHS- Twelve years ago in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Department of Homeland Security was established and consolidated 22 agencies into one organization. Its goal: prevent and respond to attacks and disasters — manmade or otherwise — and safeguard citizens”

  4. Defense One: U.S. Air Strikes Continue in Iraq- “The United States carried out nearly a dozen targeted air strikes against Islamic extremists in northern Iraq over the weekend, continuing a limited military campaign that President Barack Obama said will ultimately need to be resolved by the Iraqis. “We will protect our American citizens in Iraq, whether they’re diplomats, civilians or military. If these terrorists threaten our facilities or our personnel, we will take action to protect our people,” Obama said at the White House on Saturday before heading off to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts for a family vacation.

  5. AP: CDC director: Scale of Ebola crisis unprecedented- “he current Ebola crisis in West Africa is on pace to sicken more people than all other previous outbreaks of the disease combined, the health official leading the U.S. response said Thursday. The next few weeks will be critical, said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is sending more workers into the affected countries to help. “It will be a long and hard fight,” Frieden told a congressional committee Thursday. In his prepared testimony, he estimated it would take at least three to six months to end the outbreak, under what he called a best-case scenario.”

  6. Government Executive: Homeland Security Staff in Border Facilities Getting Sick on the Job- “Homeland Security employees working at detention centers on the U.S. Southern border housing unaccompanied children from Central America have been exposed to disease on the job and become sick, according to a new report from the department’s watchdog. Customs and Border Protection staff at some Texas facilities reported contracting scabies, lice and chicken pox while on duty; two officers told the inspector general that their children were diagnosed with chicken pox within days of the officers’ contact with an unaccompanied alien child with the illness. Border Patrol personnel at other facilities in the state told investigators that they were potentially exposed to tuberculosis.”

  7. Federal News Radio: Kurdish pleas for weapons may finally be heard- “For years, Kurdish officials have beseeched the Obama administration to let them buy U.S. weapons. For just as long, the administration has rebuffed America’s closest allies in Iraq. U.S. officials insisted they could only sell arms to the government in Baghdad, even after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki broke a written promise to deliver some to the Kurds. Their peaceful, semiautonomous northern region had been the lone success story to come out of the 2003 U.S. invasion.”

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