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Thinking About Sustainability? Start With Your Storage

With federal agencies looking to better respond to environmental concerns, data storage is an area ripe with potential in sustainability and cost-savings. 

Here is a real-life example on how one civilian agency reduced its environmental footprint and budget demands: 

An agency was looking to reduce the power needed to heat and cool its primary data center by one-third.

Without funding available to build new data centers, the organization needed to shift toward a more efficient infrastructure, so it started with a baseline assessment to see where the largest energy draw was coming from. The answer? Enterprise storage. 

The agency chose to implement an all-flash storage solution for high performance and hyper-consolidation. In terms of power consumption, usage was reduced by more than 100 kilowatts. It achieved the same logical capacity in a greatly reduced physical footprint, which further reduced the power and cooling draw. 

Check out this report to get more tips on how to reduce energy usage without sacrificing storage. 

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