Thoughts from Microsoft US Public Sector Summit

Live-blogging checking out MS US Public Sector CIO Summit. Will continue to update.

Some cool stuff:

Big fan of the tablet – demoing had tablets used with photographs especially for special ed children. Always like multi-touch.

Lots of focus on the cloud – Really seems the big push these days.

Trends – Do more with less, security and privacy, gov 2.0, transparency/openness, agility, accessibility, COOP, consumerization of IT, Identity/Access management

Gen Y – Totally different…

Archiving – Agile and adaptive to understand how to archive social media

Balance between work and home life. Xbox live 400M users…that’s crazy. One new user per second.

Gov 2.0 Toolkit – open, integrated on-promise solution…Extending my sites to make more social. Adding microblogging. Added news streams. Integrating with Twitter and FB. Called “My Peeps” for demo – that’s funny.

Open Gov Data – Discussing Open Gov Data Initiative. Open source data publishing solution. Talking about City of Edmonton implementation

Windows Azure – Next gen of operations and storage. Cloud as compliment to what already doing.

Stasts – 450M Live IDs, 400M Silverlight downloads, 100M Sharepoint,

Move to the cloud…How fast will happen? 10-20 year period. Transition where some go cloud, some data center, before

eRepublic – GovTech/Governing head said what she is seeing –
-budgets top of mind. consolidation.
-new innovative ways.
-people are looking for alternatives. not well understood.
-security and privacy #1 issue. top of mind
-more creative, collaborative
-Gov 2.0 is like when the Internet and email first came to gov’t. First, they said, oh no…cant do it…dont push. But of course it always comes true.

Pretty cool NASA contest – Be A Martian – http://beamartian.jpl.nasa.gov/

Move to cloud
-Keep it real. Make it business win. Not IT win.
-Bring legal, procurements,
-Creates excitement and fun.

New dedicated government cloud – BPOS
-Physical access limited to small number of US citizens
-Rigorous background checks

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Wyatt Kash

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, made some interesting points on C-SPAN recently, saying that as cloud computing advances, and more data moves in and out of global cloud computing centers, there’s increasing need for the federal government to help shape common rules of the road. He addressed a number of other questions about privacy, security, and the economics of cloud computing. More details at: http://gcn.com/blogs/circuit/2010/02/gcn-on-cspan.aspx?sc_lang=en