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Tips for Modernization From a Defense Agency

It’s no surprise that your agency needs secure, reliable network equipment to meet your mission, but things like compliance requirements or security gaps can be obstacles toward reaching that goal.

You’re not alone. Even the U.S. military has faced the challenge of outdated communications equipment getting in the way of their work.

When one Defense Department agency discovered their network hardware included liability-laden cooling fans, failing switches and unsecure devices, they knew they needed to upgrade and correct those issues immediately.

After conferring with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE), a global telecommunications equipment company, they decided to go forward with a scalable switch solution designed to withstand varying temperature ranges and that boasts high security and reliability.

Is your agency ready to start modernizing its network hardware to improve service? Here are three tips to get you started:

· Make your agency’s requirements clear: It’s important to work closely with the vendor to ensure requirements are crystal clear and the end product will be what you need.

· Look for flexibility: Partner with a vendor that has the operational flexibility to meet any complex procurement and technical requirements your agency requires.

· Pursue a prototype: It can be helpful if the vendor can deliver the first article for testing before beginning full production so your agency can ensure it works as intended.

For more information about moving towards a modernized solution, check out this case study.

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