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Today at 2pm – GovLoop Training – Speaking about the Cloud in Common Language – Register for Part 1, 1/27

**Still time to register – Register for our 2-part GovLoop Online training – 1/27 & 2/3 – to get trained on the cloud and it’s benefit. Presented by Microsoft**

Last year, government passed the Plain Language Act. Well, I think technologists should pass the “No Jargon Act”

For the last three years, everybody has been talking about “going to the cloud” and most people have no idea what it means as it seems more complicated than it really is. I think we need some plain language

There are many different definitions and variations of cloud computing (see our cloud computing page) but in the end it’s pretty simple to me.

For example:

-Would you rather store your pictures on your hard drive and take up your own hard drive or do you store your photos on Facebook/Picasa/etc? The second example is the cloud.

-To run GovLoop.com should I have the source code on my own personal server that I keep updated manually in my office. Spending tens of thousands of dollars of year. Or should I use code others develop and keep updating and run that code and my domain on other people’s servers for less than a thousand a year (#2 is the cloud).

-Are you stuck with 100mb of email space and constantly are capped? And the IT staff keeps an email server that has to be updated every two weeks. Or on your personal email (hotmail/yahoo/etc) do you have over 1-2gb and never run out?
#2 is the cloud

If you’ve ever had these questions, you should join us:

-What the heck is the cloud anyways?
-Stop the philosophizing. Give me some clear examples and use cases
-Where should I get started? Not everything should go to the cloud right away right?
-I’m smart at cloud. How do I show my boss I’m an expert (our training certificate)?

In our two-part online training 1/27 and 2/3, we will continue our format of bringing federal, state, local government and private sector leaders to talk in real language with real examples. As always, this is a training series so you will receive a certification of completion at the end. I promise our online training is never boring and always informative – this is our 1st training of the year (4th overall) and we will continue to roll out one per month this year so you can stay sharp. If you go to all trainings this year, there is also a top-secret special prize of awesomeness.

Join GovLoop and Microsoft to hear your Government colleagues and industry experts discuss the state of cloud computing, what to expect, and how to implement.

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