The Top Millennial Posts of 2017

2017 has been a year replete with transitions and exciting change. We experienced the inauguration of a new president, witnessed one of the largest mass gatherings in history, stood in awe under a total solar eclipse and heard courageous women speak up to spark the #MeToo movement. For millennials, such changes are also palpably felt in their personal lives, as they graduate from school, embark on new careers in government, navigate the workforce and face a number of contemporary challenges

As we approach the new year and prepare for all that 2018 holds, we invite you to reflect on some of the topics and issues that were most important to our millennial readers this year — spanning self-care, public speaking, career development and work-life balance. Here are the top ten, most-read First 5 stories from 2017:

10.  5 Tips to Self-Care Like an Athlete

Just as athletes need to rest their bodies in between competitions or big games, professionals in the modern workforce must practice mental and physical self-care to avoid burnout. Managers and employees alike should create a self-care plan and develop positive life habits to sustain health and improve performance. Read this piece for steps to get started.

9.  How to Get Your Resume Government-Ready

Your resume is one of the single most important tools to land the job you want. Along with your cover letter, your resume is probably the first thing a hiring manager will read — meaning one page of information can make or break your chances for a competitive government position.

For millennials who are relatively new to the workforce or have yet to attain public service experience, this can seem daunting. But there are many ways tailor your experiences and find your golden ticket to a government position by avoiding these basic mistakes.

8.  4 Musts for Public Speaking

No matter what job position or career field you pursue, it’s likely that you will have to engage in public speaking to some degree. You may have to give formal presentations, lead a webinar, conduct interviews or make pitches to clients.

Public speaking can be nerve-wracking, but it is an essential skill that can affect others’ perceptions and have consequences for your project outcomes. Check out this widely-shared piece for simple tips, dos and don’ts to improve your public speaking skills.

7.  3 Ways to Challenge Yourself Professionally

Work tasks or projects can certainly be challenging, but can you remember the last time you really pushed yourself and stepped out of your comfort zone? What does “challenging yourself” even mean? Read this reflective anecdote for three recommendations on how to grow and gain new experiences in your professional life.

6.  How to Deal at Work When Dealing with Personal Problems

Maintaining a positive work-life balance is always a challenge, but it can be especially difficult to stay focused and function at work when things are falling apart in your personal life. Whether you’re dealing with financial problems, turbulent personal relationships, health issues or loss, it’s important to learn how to keep going.

You don’t have to put on a fake smile or be at 100 percent, but look to these resources and tips to help make it through difficult times.

5.  7 Ways to Tell if You’re Ready to Manage

If you find yourself seeking out extra leadership opportunities and consistently going above and beyond in your office, you might have your sights set on a management position.

But becoming a successful manager requires more than just being good at your job — it means making tough calls, being a good communicator and taking on extra responsibility as a team leader. Are you really ready to take the next step? Make sure to read these seven tips first.

4.  6 Things to do When Work is Slow

At some point during an internship or a job, you’ve probably had days where you found yourself sitting at your desk with nothing to do. Maybe you finished up all of your projects ahead of schedule, or your organization’s workload was winding down right before the holidays.

Instead of mindlessly refreshing your Twitter feed or sending a record number of Snapchats, it’s easy to turn these slower days to your advantage. Here are six suggestions on productive ways to advance your professional development.

3.  How to Overcome Things that Make You Unhappy at Work

Dissatisfaction can often spill into the workplace, whether due to a difficult boss, unfulfilling work, a strict environment or lack of opportunities. Read this article for strategies and helpful approaches to overcome these challenges.

2.  5 Things to Do If You Don’t Want to Be a Manager

As you climb the professional ladder, it can seem like becoming a manager is the inevitable next step. But for some, the idea of supervising people and conducting managerial tasks can be anathema.

Fortunately, there are other ways to succeed and continue to advance in your field if management isn’t for you. Here’s how you can better understand your strengths and identify your ideal career path.

1.  5 Tips to Combat Forgetfulness

Are you the type of person who tends to forget peoples’ names within a few seconds of being introduced or misplace your keys every other day? Anyone can have a “senior moment,” especially when you’re juggling professional and personal responsibilities and have a hectic schedule. But forgetfulness can be embarrassing, and at times impact your professional reputation. Check out our most popular post of the year for helpful tips to improve your memory and focus.


Is there a millennials-related question or topic you would love to hear about that we didn’t cover in 2017? Let us know in the comments!

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