‘Twas the Night Before Renewal – A Crowd-Sourced Holiday Poem

Our very own (St.) Nick Charney prepared a special Gov 2.0 version of Jingle Bells to get us all in the holiday spirit. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

It’s pretty clever in and of itself…but then a commenter (@DGTweets) threw down the gauntlet and suggested we create a “Twas the Night Before Renewal” poem to accompany the video. Coffee to the winner.

So I added a first stanza to crowd-source it:

Twas the Night Before Renewal
When all through the House
Not a Member was stirring
Not even to grouse

Tag…your turn! 🙂 Here or there…

We’ll call it a US-Canada production…to end this year and kick off the collaborative spirit that will continue in 2010.

UPDATE: Chelsea Edgell (@cedgell) came up with an awesome poem all by herself in response to the challenge. I still say we crowd-source it and see what we get!

UPDATE 2: Altered a bit to make a more Americanized version (though still apply to both!) due to the wonderful Canadian version by Chelsea.

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Chelsea Edgell

That is funny. I have also updated my post to include a link to this crowdsourcing effort. I can’t wait to see what people come up with!

Sam Allgood

But Congress was ready
And worked through the weekend
To give us all health care
On which we could depend.

The President assures us
It will save us all money
But some are proclaiming
That’s a lot of baloney.

Who do we believe?
Obama or Rush;
As for me and my house,
In Christ do we trust.