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GovLoop’s 4th Annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit is next week!! In anticipation of our all-day event, each week we’ll share snippets of information that will be elaborated on throughout the trainings. The free summit will be on April 22nd, starting at 10 AM ET — be sure to check out the schedule and register so you can attend up to 5 trainings (and earn up to 5 CPE credits), download over 200+ resources and network with your government peers.


The Internet of Everything (IoE) is rapidly expanding across the private and public sectors. Some of the most influential companies across the country are investing millions of dollars in IoE development and exploration. The government must keep up with private sector investments to maintain powerful public service. You have the capability to be a leader in your agency by maximizing IoE value, mobile opportunities, and cloud and big data platforms.

Learn the tools necessary to make this happen (without even leaving your office chair!) at the upcoming “Making Big Data and Analytics Work for Government in the Internet of Everything” training session. You will hear from government experts that have taken advantage of technology innovation to perform more meaningful analytics to generate better policy with IoE.

Sokwoo Rhee, one of the speakers, is the Associate Director for the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Rhee, a Presidential Innovations Fellow, will discuss how he helped unite a team of tech-savvy federal government and private sector workers to address an array of issues across multiple disciplines through the use of new smart technology. Rhee and his team at NIST accomplished great things in air quality, traffic management, and emergency services coordination because of a deep IoE understanding.

Another speaker during this session is Dr. Gayle Hagler with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dr. Hagler is an environmental engineer/postdoctoral fellow in the Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Laboratory, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division (APPCD), and Emissions Characterization & Prevention Branch (ECPB). She will elaborate on her experiences utilizing big data analysis and computer modeling while researching innovative ways to measure air pollution.

Join your peers in discussing best practices, cost-benefit measures, and opportunities to improve government services while optimizing IoE networks. You can be the next innovator in your department or agency by thinking outside the box when performing big data analysis.

“Making Big Data and Analytics Work for Government in the Internet of Everything” is a part of GovLoop’s Government Innovators Virtual Summit, an all-day virtual event that consists of five different trainings, networking opportunities, and resources to help you get better at your job. Don’t forget to register for free so you don’t miss out on hearing from experts such as Sokwoo Rhee and Dr. Gayle Hagler on how they address the ever-evolving environment, specifically technology advances. You’ll earn one continuing professional education (CPE) credit in computer science for attending this session – so make sure to register here!

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Hello to all. I have been trying to register for the Government Innovators VIRTUAL SUMMIT for days now. When I click on to the link all i get is a blank page with a speaker talking about the summit. Please help! I would really like to attend this offering.