Want GovLoop to Write About You? Here’s Our 2016 Editorial Calendar

If you know GovLoop, you know that we bill ourselves as the “Knowledge Network for Government” – the premier social network connecting over 250,000 federal, state, and local government innovators. We think of ourselves as a great resource to connect with peers, share best practices, and find career-building opportunities.

As part of this mission, each year, we publish around 20 guides (you can download them for free here) that tell the stories of challenges and success that govies at all levels are dealing with. These guides are 30-40 pages long, and in addition to describing real-life government success stories, they feature lots of tips from experts, several how-tos on topics, and general advice on how you can implement successful projects and programs where you work. We couldn’t do these guides without the awesome interviews with real-life govies that we conduct every month.

And in 2016, we’re looking to expand the reach of folks we interview for these guides. In short: we want to hear from you! If you think you have a great case study or success story from your agency or organization that should be featured in a GovLoop guide, and you’re willing to be interviewed about it, let us know by emailing [email protected]. What should be in your email:

  • Your name and organization
  • Which topic of guide you want to be featured in (see below)
  • The challenge you were facing at your organization
  • The solution you came up with to address it
  • Why you think other government employees would benefit from knowing about it

Got it? It’s a great opportunity for you, and for us — our guides get thousands of downloads each month. Isn’t it time for you to shine a little bit?

Note: we only interview and feature public sector and government employees or agencies. We do not write about private sector companies in our guides. 

With that, here is the editorial calendar of topics of the guides we’ll be publishing throughout the year. They’re pretty broad, and that’s okay – we don’t want to narrow down any responses we’ll get to these. So email away! (The dates next to the topics are when we need to hear from you by to be included or written about. The guides are generally published two months after that first date.)

January 29 Cybersecurity
February 23 Cloud computing
March 8 Health IT
March 22 FITARA
April 19 Department of Defense
May 24 Internet of Things
June 21 Cybersecurity
July 12 State & Local
July 12 Cloud computing
August 9 Customer Service/citizen engagement
August 23 Critical Infrastructure
September 13 Human Resources
October 11 Top 20 Gov Innovations (all levels)

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