What is Comply to Connect?

The Department of Defense created Comply to Connect (C2C) as a way to secure its growing array of network endpoints.

C2C is part of a larger Information Security Continuous Monitoring strategy that provides a cybersecurity framework of tools and technologies. These increase cyber efficiency by identifying endpoint-control solutions, like the Forescout platform, that can be applied across the defense enterprise to ensure appropriate use and connections.

C2C specifically focuses on solutions that automate device discovery, compliance evaluation, continuous monitoring, and access control through dynamic network segmentation. The solution verifies that an endpoint is authorized and meets security requirements before allowing access to the network without requiring an IT admin to manually vet the device for compliance.

In other words, C2C leverages technology to validate that a device or non-traditional IT sensor is safe to connect to defense networks.

Compliant devices gain full access to the network. Non-compliant devices receive limited access to network services and are automatically remediated, reassessed, and granted network access once compliant. Unauthorized devices are restricted and unable to access the network.

But C2C doesn’t just verify a device and connect it to the DoD environment. It also takes automated security actions to enforce network security requirements and provides continuous monitoring for deviations from these requirements.

To implement the C2C framework of authentication and continuous monitoring, agencies must do more than simply adopt an endpoint control—they must enable four critical characteristics, including:

● Comprehensive Network-Based Visibility, Discovery and Classification of Devices
● Redundant Manageability and Control of Devices
● Orchestration with Mandated Security and Network Management Solutions
● Continuous Monitoring and Automated Remediation

Want to know more about C2C?

In our recent course, What You Need to Know About Comply to Connect, we explain how to create these four critical capabilities and implement Comply to Connect in defense agency networks. We also examine why C2C is so critical to DoD.


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