You Won’t Want to Miss These NextGen Sessions

The Next Generation of Government Training Summit is fast approaching and we are so excited! Over the two-day summit you will get to network with over 800 federal, state and local govies from over 75 organizations. This unparalleled chance to expand your network is not all you’ll get out of the conference — you will also be able to participate in interactive breakout sessions and listen to riveting keynote speakers. Some of these sessions include:

How to Communicate Effectively Across Personality Types

Michelle Mock, Owner and Principal Consultant of Collaborative Thinking Leadership Development Services

Have you been looking for ways to communicate better, lead more effectively and strengthen relationships in the workplace? This session provides effective tools to improve communication and leadership using the principles of Emotional Intelligence and the Myers-Briggs Personality Type (MBTI) categories. You will learn what emotional intelligence is, the distinctions between you and others personality preferences, and how self-awareness combined with knowledge of natural personality preference can create new ways for increase skillful self-expression. The interactive and reflective course will allow you to acquire tangible skills that you can start implementing at work today!

Want to Be an Innovator in Your Agency? Think Small

Kevin Richman, Chief Relationship Officer, Young Government Leaders

We think of innovation as massive, disruptive changes that solve large, complex problems. We need to re-think this. How can we innovative in a government culture that is risk-averse and most people do not have the ability to make these massive changes? We have to start thinking smaller – we need to think about innovation in our daily work and break down large, complex problems it into smaller, solvable pieces. You will learn exactly how to do it in this lightning speaker session.

Make Your Meetings Matter

Mary E. Abbajay, President of Careerstone Group, LLC

Everyone has been to them, most hate them and few are done well. What are we talking about? Meetings! In fact, studies show that poorly run meetings are a multi-billion dollar problem in U.S. organizations. It’s time to make the most of meetings and make them truly impactful. Meetings are meant to keep people in the loop, involved in the conversation and overall useful for people attending them…so learn how to make them positive, engaging and efficient in this breakout session.
You’re a Manager, Now What? The Reality of Management

John A. Torres, Office of the Inspector General, LAPD Leadership Academy

Congrats! You are now a manager in government—this is a big acomplishent. But if you are wondering what to do now, you are not alone. Most first-time managers inherit their teams. In this session we will help you figure out how to navigate a first time management role, garner respect and strengthen your team for success.

Embracing a Culture of Change

Carmen Medina, Retired Senior Federal Executive and Author

Alan Kay once said, “Everyone loves change, except for the change part.” We all know change is hard. And when a new mandate or directive comes in the office it can be hard to implement effectively if the agency’s culture doesn’t embrace the idea of change. Because here’s the rub: change isn’t just structural; there is an emotional side of change, too. In this session, we will provide you with the resources to help foster an environment where change is not only tolerated, but embraced.

Check out the full two-day schedule here. And if you are in the D.C. area, join GovLoop and YGL next Thursday for the NextGen Summer Social!

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