What the Workforce of the Future Looks Like

This blog post is an excerpt from our recent Industry Perspective, Enabling the Workforce of the Future. To download the whole report, head here.

These shifts in preferences are changing the workplace, and it is important to understand what the future looks like.

According to HPE, several key characteristics define the workplace of the future.

First, mobility and cloud are key drivers. Harboring the benefits of cloud computing allows your agency’s data and applications to be available even when employees are not close to the physical servers. Mobility and the rise of bring-your-own-device allows working independently of the physical office.

“We don’t worry about the device anymore,” said HPE’s Gordon. “The device is just a medium to get to your applications and data so you can perform all those transactions on a given day.”

Here are a few other characteristics:

• Intelligent Workplace: The office of the future must be an interactive place that offers employees access to the information and data they need at all times. For example, digital whiteboards allow employees to instantly save group work and access this information any time, from any place.
• Digital Collaboration: In-person meetings used to be the lifeblood of an organization, but digital collaboration is replacing the traditional style of meetings. Products like Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 have revolutionized the way employees interact.
• Campus Mobility: Employees expect a hassle-free transition of working from multiple locations, including moving around throughout the office. Rapid wireless connections allow employees to take their work to the cafeteria, conference rooms, and even outdoor spaces.
• Digital Customer Experience: The citizen experience is paramount in the public sector. Customers expect to have a flawless user experience, whether that be with your agency’s mobile apps, front desk secretary or phone menu prompts. However, today’s “customer” also includes the employees themselves.
• Digital Personas: The idea of “appification” and constant connectivity of the workplace is personalizing the workspace to embrace employees’ digital personas.


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