Young Government Leaders (YGL) – Are You A Member?

Over the past year, I have been a member of the Executive Board of Young Government Leaders (YGL). Like GovLoop, it was co-created by Steve Ressler (aka “Mr. GovLoop”) to connect people with one another. In particular, the organization is open to government employees who are “young in their service or fresh in their perspective.” If you fit either of these categories, I would encourage you to join the organization. Below is an email I received that provides an invitation and some instructions.

YGL hosts both social and professional development events, conducts “Road Shows” at agencies to educate them about the characteristics of the next generation and engages in thought leadership on issues that are important to members. We have chapters in Bethesda, MD, Cleveland, OH, Washington, DC and more. If there is not a chapter in your city, please let me know and I will connect you with someone that may assist in establishing a group near you.

By the way, there is a group here on GovLoop as well!


Online Membership Transition

WASHINGTON, October 12 — As YGL continues to grow, we would like to improve
communication with our members. To better understand our membership
base and tailor programs and events to you, we are looking to consolidate
all member communication and activities on our new website provided by
Mind and Media: http://www.

On October 13, 2009, YGL will be phasing out the current email list
sent from Gmail account and will be communicating with you through our
web site.

In order to continue receiving the newsletter and enable YGL to learn
more about what you would like to see during the next 2010 Fiscal
Year, we ask that you sign up for an account at

If you already signed up for an account and received a password, then
no further action is necessary. Please continue to log in and contribute
in our forums and blogs.

We look forward to FY10 and are ready to take another step toward
achieving our mission of educating, inspiring, and transforming the
next generation of government leaders.

Tm Sommella

More information about Young Government Leaders is available at

Please contact J.R. Wycinsky, Press Secretary:
[email protected]

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Amanda Blount

LOL What is the max age to be a member of YGL…I haven’t joined because I thought it was a group for 20-30s in Government networking and getting their career started. I am just north of being “young.” LOL 🙂