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The Myth of “Amazing Managers”

A couple weeks ago, I shared a blog post promoting a free online training hosted by GovLoop and Young Government Leaders (YGL) entitled “Top 3 Secrets to Being an Amazing Manager.” It turns out that “there are no secrets,” according to our presenter Tom Fox, the Vice President for Leadership and Innovation at the PartnershipRead… Read more »

What Are the Secrets to Being an Amazing Manager?

Being a manager isn’t easy — especially when you’re confronted with tight resources and tough decisions. And being a manager is different from being a leader, right? Leaders cast an inspiring vision and empower people at an organizational level to achieve it. Managers are really the front-line supervisors responsible for ensuring the goals are executedRead… Read more »

How-To: Find a Mentor

Originally published in Federal Times Lily Whiteman February 8, 2010 Remember that reassuring line “I’m on your side” from the Simon & Garfunkel song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on your side at work — someone who would be willing and eager to offer you professional advice — aRead… Read more »

Young Government Leaders (YGL) – Are You A Member?

Over the past year, I have been a member of the Executive Board of Young Government Leaders (YGL). Like GovLoop, it was co-created by Steve Ressler (aka “Mr. GovLoop”) to connect people with one another. In particular, the organization is open to government employees who are “young in their service or fresh in their perspective.”Read… Read more »

Seeking New Young Government Leaders (YGL) Executive Board Members

What better way to develop your leadership skills than to serve on the Executive Board of Young Government Leaders. If you haven’t applied, it’s not too late! See the attached position descriptions (YGL Executive Staff Duties Responsibilities.pdf) and application (YGL Executive Board Application – 2009.doc). The primary positions where we’re still seeking applications are: PresidentRead… Read more »

Why Social Media Matters to the Next Generation of Government Leaders

Originally published as part of the FEDManager’s “Ask Young Government Leaders” series. @govloop: “The arbiters of cool are about to hit the stage.” #ogi In less than 140 characters, @GovLoop – also known as Steve Ressler, co-founder of Young Government Leaders (YGL) and creator of the “Facebook for Government” – used Twitter to announce theRead… Read more »

Are You a Member of Generation C?

Originally published at the Young Government Leaders Blog In my journeys across the Web, I have observed a fascinating phenomena: Millennials and Gen X’ers aren’t the only ones embracing the power of social media and its potential to create “Government 2.0.” If I had to estimate the average age of guests at virtual venues likeRead… Read more »